New...benefits advice needed

Hello. I am Pamela.
I suffer PTSD, anxiety and depression. I am housebound and my sister does absolutely everything for me.
I am trying to find out if she can claim carers allowance for me…she is in receipt of, “work related ESA”.
She does NOT live with me. She lives in the flat downstairs.

Thank you for any advice.


Hi Pamela … welcome to the canteen.

If your sister is currently claiming ESA ( No mention of which flavour ? ) , Carers Allowance would NOT be paid in addition … overlapping benefits rule.

Best first step for your sister ( And you ) would be an online benefits calculator :

Crunch some numbers through there to ensure that all benefits / allowances out there are being claimed.

Also , very useful for " Whai if " scenarios.

May well be affected by Univeral Credit … if already or to be rolled out on your manor.

That’s wretched for you both. No life at all…

I do hope you are in treatment, and your mental health issues are being tackled robustly.

Do you know why you have PTSD? Do you feel that’s the ‘root problem’ - ie, a trauma in the past that has been unaddressed, therefore causing the anxiety and depression?

Mental illness is not easy to ‘shed’, but it CAN be done. The worst aspect of depression is that it makes you believe you can NEVER escape it. But that is not true. That is only the depression talking!

If you are housebound (because you dread going out, or for physical incapacity reasons?) how are you getting to therapy sessions? Without that, however many meds you are on, you can never start to sort out why your mind is so imprisoned.

Please don’t give up on the hope of improving your mental health! Or the bad stuff will have ‘won’…