War pension and Carer’s allowance

Hi, my first post here and I apologise for it being an ask.

I am a single mum and carer to my 19 year old son.
I haven’t worked for 26 years since having my first child and then having my third who requires the caring roll.
I would like to try and go back to work and earn the £123 a week allowed but am tying myself in knots trying to figure out what is deemed income and what isn’t.
I claim a war pension at 20% and receive a weekly amount of 36.50 it is not taxable.
Can anyone tell me if this is classed as income by the DWP therefore reducing the £123 per week figure?
Thank you for any info/advice you can give.

Hi Sharon … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as a type.

A war pension ?

Slightly complicated as you will gather :

War Pension - Entitledto

Claiming Carers Allowance and earning within that £ 123 weekly limit ?

Can earn more and still qualify for CA … marshalling … more on that if needed.

Tack on the war pension element and … best to seek advice from the experts out there.

Either the CAB or the Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) … contact details follow :

Citizens Advice


If Universal Credit is also a factor , they will take that into account.

Caring side … anything we can assist with ?

Hi Sharon,
Welcome to the forum. I have an older benefits book which says that payments made by your former employer due to your early retirement on health or disability grounds are taken fully into account. Would your pension come into this category?

Is your son now receiving benefits in his own right? What is the nature of his disability?

Hi, thank you for your reply
I’m not sure if my pension would come under your scenario, I didn’t actually leave my job as a result of my medical condition.
My son isn’t yet claiming in his own right. I have been looking at how and when to do the transfer recently and have come up with the problem of a young person claiming pip in full time non advanced education not being able to apply for universal credit as he has never had a work capability assessment, which, you cannot have done through universal credit. I think I have the answer to how he has to apply but it looks as though we will have to go many months with just my Carers allowance and war pension to live on!..hence the reason I am trying to find a job.
My son has an undiagnosed genetic condition resulting in severe learning, physical and communication disabilities

Chris, thank you for the links. I will send them an email and enquire.
I’m not sure what you mean about being able to earn more and still claim CA? Unless you mean expenses that can be claimed before the £123?

Thanks Sharon.

Marshalling ?

Favourite one is pension contributions … a case of jam tomorrow rather than today … 50% of pension contributions can
be deducted against earnings … a simple calculation if you are earning over said limit and / or on irregular earnings ( Some
weeks over , other weeks under ) … added bonus of the employer matching the contributions.

Expenses mentioned … childcare costs another favourite ( Provided , of course , said costs are realistic on your manor ) :
Work-related costs and Carer's Allowance - Entitledto

( Childcare problems ? https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support-and-advice/all-about-caring/childcare-a-vital-clog-for-anyone-juggling-work-with-caring-trouble-is-where-is-it-and-how-much-37500?hilit=childcare%20costs )

I hope the brief information provided above will assist … CAB / CUK will pad it out if needed.

Ring the Carers UK helpline about your son’s UC predicament, so unfair. My son is now 40, he received full income support at 16 despite being in boarding school!!

Hi Sharon.

PIP / full time education / Universal Credit ?


Student FAQs | Disability Rights UK