Visiting partner/mental health

I need some advice on if it’s ok to visit someone during this pandemic if it’s to help their mental health.

I do not live with my fiance currently but he suffers from severe anxiety and depression and cannot leave the house. I get his medication, talk to his doctors as he is unable to, help with shopping etc. I usually go to visit once during the week and stay over the weekend. I am worried I shouldn’t be doing this during this time when everyone should be isolating themselves from others but my fiancé doesn’t think he can cope if I can’t visit him.

This is all having a negative affect on his mental health further and I’m really worried about it all. I feel I cannot stay away from him for the coming few weeks as it will affect him badly and will cause more anxiety and self harm and suicidal thoughts that have happened in the past. But i am also worried that i will not be complying with what everyone has been told about staying home etc.

Do you have any advice on this? Is it okay to be visiting for mental health reasons? I am so worried about all of this.

Thank you for any input anyone has.

Hi Melissa,

a person can be considered vulnerable for a number reasons “a vulnerable adult is a person who is or may be for any reason unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation.”

Therefore if you believe he is unable to care for himself and needs support, visiting him to offer support would be included in the being allowed to leave home “to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.”

The question you need to ask yourself is does he NEED you to visit or just WANT you to visit?


(This is just my personal slant on the situation)