Concern during current pandemic

I have been extremely worried about my former serious partner who lives with chronic depression, as this pandemic continues.

I want to reach out, and just make sure he is ok. He has previously told me that he is fine with me making contact (even though he is unable to maintain a relationship in his current state of mind) and had ok correspondence via text.

Finding myself very concerned for his well-being throughout this isolation, and want to make sure he is ok - as I still care deeply.

Would this be completely inappropriate? Or perhaps a kind gesture in a difficult time?

I have no idea how to navigate this, but want to do what is best for him (while selfishly wanting to make sure he is doing ok.)


Hi Lila and welcome,

are you seeking opinions on whether it’s in your/his best interests to keep in touch/check up on him or are you asking about this in the light of Lockdown guidance?