Visiting My Grandfa In Care Home with Restrictions

I have my grandfather in a care home, me and my family are totally worried due to the covid issue and we are trying to go visit there and see what’s going on with him and how he is now. We tried to go there and give him some strength in this pandemic situation but we were not allowed to do so couple of times duet to the covid restrictions.
Then, I have personally went to hospital to get my covid test done, brought that certification issued by the hospital after 3 days (nagative in report) and visited the care home finally.

At the beginning, i thought what kind of a restriction is that even i dont have any symptomps but they are not allowing either me or my family members. But doing so is truly appreciated because if something goes wrong, it will be very difficult for the management to handle the situation, I can understand the situation now, Thank God.

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