Vascular dementia, sleep disturbance

I’m new to this forum, I care for my Dad, 24/7, love him to bits, he is 77 years young and has vascular dementia. He’s stepped down recently and his sleep is totally messed up. He was in hospital for a few days, despite covid I was allowed to be with him all day. Since he came home he keeps dozing during the day but he’s up and about during the night. I’m exhausted, how do you manage? I’m so worried I’ll go into a deep sleep and something will happen. I won’t get a nurse in now due to covid but I’m struggling. I’m 52 look 70 and so tired. I know I probably sound selfish, it’s Dad who is ill. Just need to recharge my batteries, how do you get enough sleep?

You have to have someone in to help, and manage the risk.