Hi i am new on here.i just wanted some advice. i have found out from an email tbat i may lose my job in april if not vaccinated. This is giving me stress. Any advice

Hello Yunus

From your post I suspect you are employed in the care sector ?

This forum is primarily aimed at those who care for family/friends in a non-professional, unpaid capacity and, as such, we have, in the main, welcomed being vaccinated in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. You won’t find many here who are against vaccination or who have elected not to be vaccinated.

If you are, as I suspect, working in the care sector then I suggest that you talk to your union representative or ACAS.

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As been mentioned many here are already vaccinated. And many found the process to be OK. Is there a particular reason you are hesitant in getting yours. The forum participates work hard in not be judgemental.

Many have also had their yearly flu vaccine. And also their shingles vaccine etc.

Hi, Yunus. I recommend you to reconsider your view of vaccination, and not because of the risk to lose your job. First of all, vaccine is another way to protect yourelf from this serious diseases and make a contribution to herd immunity. I understand why governments make people get injected this way — there are no other thing that’ll make you get a shot. Explain your point of view and perhaps we’ll arrive at common solution.

If you get the virus and end up in hospital, you’ll also end up having lots more medication than one simple shot in the arm!

Not really supportive to speak to someone who’s unsure about having the vaccination in that manner. Plenty of people who are fully vaccinated and boosted are still getting COVID.
My 89 yr old Dad went to hospital last week after a fall and was found to be COVID positive. Treated with antibiotics for a chest infection. Wishing we’d kept him at home because he was moved to a COVID designated residential home to complete his 14 day isolation. Something that nobody told us about.

Not sure how anyone can take the NHS policies seriously when on one side elderly and other people with disabilities are isolating in a strange place for 14 days after being on hospital with COVID, but on the other hand people can party, masks aren’ t required and it’s generally OK to travel neccesary., and if you test positive on Days 5 and 6 you can come out of isolation, otherwise it’s 7 days. If he’d been discharged home he’d have followed that regime too.

Apart from carers , everyone has the right to decide whether they want the vaccine. It certainly hasn’t been the be all and end all .

Not really supportive to speak to someone who’s unsure about having the vaccination in that manner.

Gently encouraging them to have the vaccine seems supportive enough to me.

No, I’m not supportive in the least to people who don’t want to understand basic facts.
I’m vulnerable, and triple jabbed, because Covid and/or long Covid could end my life.
You are putting me at risk, and don’t care.

I am keen to live my life to the full. I believe that we all have a collective responsibility to protect not just ourselves, but society as a whole.
I’m old enough to remember the Polio epidemic, people ending up in an “iron lung”, and the long queues for the jabs at the surgery.
In the 50’s, most adults had done National Service or been in the forces, fighting a World War and to protect England from invasion. They understood the need to work together for a common purpose.
Personally, I think that if you refuse the jab, you lose the right to NHS support if you get covid.
You have no right to benefit from the NATIONAL health services if you do nothing to help yourself!