Using a wheelchair and being comfortable

My mum refused to have a wheelchair for years.
Then she asked me to accompany her to hospital for an appointment. I’d had a gynaecological operation a few weeks previously.
On arrival at the hospital, mum asked me to go and get a hospital wheelchair!! This wasn’t mentioned previoiusly. I had to walk a long way to the wheelchair section, the only one available was a bit heavy model with a half flat tyre. I was then expected to push mum a very long way (the main corridor is a quarter of a mile long (!), then back to the car, and back to the store.
I was so worried about ruining the op I’d waited ages for.

I told mum I would never do it again, she MUST get a chair of her own.
She was a virtual recluse for years because she didn’t want to be seen in a wheelchair.

The Queen seems to be taking a similar approach!
I wish she would set a good example to the elderly who after a long life are struggling with their mobility.

(I used a mobility scooter which had a wonderfully comfortable seat after I had a car accident, so that i could continue doing lots of the things I loved without standing. Happily with 2 knee replacements I can stand and walk well).

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