Wheelchair advice

Hi All,
My mum was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy from birth and In the end myself and my brother took care of my mum from an early age. We have a very close bond and my mum would not let her disability get the better of her.
The reason I’m mainly her now is to help people with wheelchair advice, my mum had nothing but issues with the wheelchair service giving her wheelchairs that simple where a nightmare for her to manually push. Or asking for different size wheels so that she could get a better push on the wheel. So in the end I made a set of 25 inch wheels to make mums life easier and custom sprayed my mums chair in Pearl deep purple to make it individual to her. And the smile it made on my mums face was the most amazing thing ever.

So any advice on wheelchair selection, regarding weights/fold up ability to be able to get in a car boot. I may be able to give insight.

Or work together and get bits to make one good chair without paying ££££££££££ for a wheelchair and cater different colours of the frame/wheels/spokes etc to make it more individual And not just a generic wheelchair.

My knowledge is mainly with manual wheelchairs.
So I’m here if you need any advice or help create something special.
If I was to help custom a wheelchair then any parts would be the same price I could get them for then labour would be a donation Cerebral palsy foundation.
I work full time so this is myself purely trying to help others.

Kind regards

Hi Ian

I am actually totally amazed my husband uses wheelchair services. For powered chairs and the OT has always given him the right one for his needs. And/or updated added or changed where necessary.

It could be an area funding thing or a particular OT. I think I would have made waves. We need all the help we can get.

Hello and welcome!

And thanks. I will definitely need your input and opinions on wheelchairs soon as we are having to order a new one next spring for my cared for person. His current one is two years old and he has outgrown it. Is it okay if I message you tomorrow or not?