Stairlift Repairs/Servicing Advice

Hi everyone,

I’m a new member and am a carer for my elderly mother who has dementia as well as mobility issues. I was looking for advice regarding repairs/servicing for two Stannah 600 model straight stairlifts which are now out of warranty. Both stairlifts were purchased new from Stannah and installed just over two and a half years ago but the warranty expired in April of this year unknown to me. One of the stairlifts now requires urgent repair and I contacted Stannah regarding extended warranty cover but the costs quoted by the company seemed rather high and I wanted to check whether anyone could recommend any reputable independent stairlift engineers in the Glasgow area who can repair Stannah stairlifts and also source/supply genuine Stannah parts for the repairs & servicing. My initial research on purchasing stairlift extended repair warranties seemed to suggest that they were a rip off as the stairlift companies were very proactive in pushing them with customers. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Colin. You posted this in December so may now have sorted the problem. I don’t live anywhere nr you but have a stairlift long out of warranty. At time of installation, I sought advice from Age UK but even they tried to rip me off. Fortunately they have a price match guarantee which they honoured saving me £2k on a curved lift! I didn’t’t bother with a warranty. I would take a risk & seek advice from independent repairers/ electrical companies. Batteries I am told are straight forward to replace. Some independent companies offer 2nd- hand refurbished lifts so they must know about repairs & servicing too. Sorry if this sounds like obvious info that you have probably considered but I recall feeling frustrated at lack of advice in 2012. Good luck.