Use of Carer's Allowance

I am just wondering what most people tend to use their Carer’s allowance for.
My husband and I care for our 29 year daughter with a Brain Injury. My husband charges her for ‘taxi fares’ when he drives her to her various activities like weekly Art therapy and Headway Day Centre. He says his carer’s allowance doesn’t cover his petrol. I am aware that the allowance does not directly mention the actual use of the money and that our daughter does receive PIP. However, I thought that my husbands qualification as a Carer would not entitle him being paid for car lifts. The Carer’s money is not spent on anything else as our daughter contributes to the housekeeping.
Just wondered what any one else thinks ?

Hi Penny.

As a stand alone benefit , purely for the carer’s own use.

However , as a carer and a caree are a partnership … when one looks at that aspect , all weird things are possible.

One of the greyist of grey areas out there … what the books DON’T say , and what happens in the real world.

As background to the bigger issue :

( Along with it’s ugly twin sister … Direct Payments … has been upstairs with CUK since September 2018 to sort out once
and for all.

Benefits session on the forum … last week … added both issues to try to establish exactly what CUK are doing with them ! )

Others will be along to add their views / observations from their day to day caring experiences.

Is that ALL the money you receive for your daughter’s care?
Nothing from Social Services?
Never heard of NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Maybe we can help? Just give us a bit more information.

Carers allowance is for the carer not the caree.
The cared for should have enough benefit/s to met their needs. Which should cover everything!!

As an OAP, just reminiscing. :frowning: