Urgh! In need of any advice

Hi all its Samantha again

My mother keeps lying down throughout the day, thank god although I feel bad when I think that, but when she comes down I get questions, questions, questions, that now I have gone along with but its getting a bit much, I am working from home at the moment so its a nice distraction but when I stop I will dread the questions again and answering her, she keeps asking where these people who she believes live here are, I think it’s another version of me, my sister or Aunt, anyhow she came down this morning and I lied, saying I heard from them and they are staying somewhere else otherwise she worries about them, she just came down and to ask don’t tell me you are not worried as anything could of happened to them, I am so close to cracking which I know will start an argument, she even phones my mobile but when my phone goes off she says it must be wrong, this is terrible I can’t win sometimes and we have had so many arguments over this sodding disease, can anyone help me please?

Can anybody tell me how to answer please, that I can store away for future reference?


Samantha, at what stage are you going to say “enough is enough”? Could you have some counselling to help you through this difficult decision. There is only so much any of us can take, and you sound like you are near to breaking point?