Unpaid carer

My name is Janet caring for my husband who is wheelchair bound with multiple sclerosis, I have cared for him for 16 years since he lost the ability to walk.
I am 74 just coming up to 75 looking forward to getting my free tv license only to find it is being stopped next year unbelievable.
I have 2 sons aged 47 and 49 the youngest is married no grand children unfortunately but both sons live fairly local.
Do all the caring for my husband myself at present just about coping but need an operation which will alter my ability to care as I do now for a short while.
We are self funders so get no financial help for caring or equipment.

Are you one of many who have not claimed pension credit.

Pension Credit ?

For low income earners only … full sp :

Pension Credit: Overview - GOV.UK

If replacement care on an urgent basis is needed … operation mentioned … The Carers Trust have such a scheme :

Help & Info - Support for Unpaid Carers | Carers Trust

To my knowledge , NO feedback on said scheme has been posted on this forum.

Total unknown as far as regular readers are concerned.

AGE UK … if not already on their radar , time to introduce yourselves :


What they don’t know is not worth thinking about !

Janet, I do hope your husband is claiming Attendance Allowance or DLA if he was entitled to it before he was 65.

You should have a Carers Assessment from Social Services, and they should organise alternative carers as YOU are ill.

What sort of op are you going to have (I’ve had 8 altogether!), Just a rough idea will be OK. Lots of people have a shock when they find that they may be discharged, but not able to do much. The idea is that a fit partner or family member will care for the patient, which obviously doesn’t happen when your partner is disabled (or in my case, widowed). Early discharges are common now, as once the op is done, it’s easier to rest and relax at home.