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Hi, I know that if you claim carers allowance the person you care for stops receiving severe disability premium. I have been told today by my work coach that if I just claim the caring element of universal credit the person I care for will not lose any premiums how ever several websites state otherwise and I am worried it will affect the person I care for if I do, entitledto website says that carers element will not affect disability premium but another website says it will, I’m very confused I feel like even the government them selfs don’t understand this

Benefits are so complicated now there was a time when you could tell people quite easily what they were entitled too. Now with UC is all very complicated and you only really know once an application is raised. Even DWP workers are not really sure its a computerised answer and hoping the right amounts and information have been added. Even Citizens Advice and charities sometimes struggle to work through peoples finances to make sure entitlement is met. When you use the calculators I think you will find an addendum stating a (guide only).

You could try Carers UK helpline… Get in touch with us | Carers UK

Is your work coach right I would like to think but remember this is your application.

I would certainly try to find out from some more reliable sources.

Hi James,

I think work coaches have very little understanding of carers and carees.

This is on the Carers Uk website

You can get the carer element of UC if you have ‘regular and substantial caring responsibilities’ for a ‘severely disabled person’ (see above for definition). The carer element is £163.73 a month.

You must tell the Universal Credit office that you are a carer using your online journal or calling if you are a telephone claimant. This is because they will not automatically know this and apply the element, even if you are getting Carer’s Allowance. You can inform them of your caring role even if you are yet to claim, or not going to claim Carer’s Allowance.

One important thing to note is that if the person you are looking after receives a severe disability premium (or addition) within their means-tested legacy benefits, they will lose this if your UC includes a carer element (regardless of whether or not you are also claiming Carer’s Allowance).

I agree contact the Carers Uk helpline for clarification.