Understanding more about Psychosis

It’s taken me 3 months to get doctors and people to realise my husband was ill, I coped as well as I could. He had a breakdown about 15 years ago and was diagnosed with OCD. Now we have dealt with it and kept it at bay until, unusual thoughts ,actions, forgetfulness etc. Eventually got him in to the mental health team at the hospital. From then on he was taken to the mental hospital to be assessed and has been kept there while being cared and looked after. X-rays,scans, blood test have shown nothing so they think it’s Psychosis. They can’t find the link between OCD sand Psychosis .
I felt like I had lost my husband as it wasn’t him to look at or didn’t show any expressions at all.
He wanted to harm myself my daughter and her dog. This was his voice in his head which he was getting upset about.I would go to see him take him out then after a little while want to back to the hospital. This of course broke me, I found it so hard. Now I found out that he does this to stop himself from doing me harm, which I can now talk to him about and help him overcome those feelings. I was with him for nearly an hour yesterday and o was so happy, the nurse had told him I knew about the harming his family and it’s not going to happen and try and make him think of nice things .
Sorry it’s so long , thank you for allowing me to join the forum

Hi Angela,
welcome to the forum. I have no experience of what you, your husband and daughter are going through, which sounds very scary indeed.

I think you did well to get your husband to the mental health team and to secure him the treatment he needs.

Others on here have experience of caring for someone with mental health issues, they should be along to reply.


Hi Angela

You might find some help from the Hearing Voices Network: