Partner acute psychosis - Help


So a bit of background, my partner started acting strangely and calling police etc, believing someone was out to harm him and the family. Got him to agree to go to A+E who have said he is going through a brief delusional episode probably caused by stress. He wont admit himself so is being seen by the community team for treatment under the understanding that if he doesn’t comply they will go down the mental health act route and section him. He is doing it so he doesnt get admitted although doesn’t believe he is ill or needs help.
well today he has realised he is unable to drive for a minimum of 3 months which means he cannot work (currently on leave). This is going to leave us very financially vulnerable as he will only be paid SSP. He was in process of getting a new job but will probably lose that with everything going on, the initial stress was possibly caused by current job. Due to this he has now started accusing me of cheating on him (he did this before a few years ago which i now believe was one of these episodes) i am so stressed about it all. My wages put us over the threshold for any benefits and he cannot apply for PIP as need to have had symptoms for past 3 months which he hasn’t.
I’m struggling to deal with my own emotions now, im feeling so down.
I dont know where to go or what to do. I am still trying to work from home full time and we have young children i am trying to hide it all from. I Have my other things going on also which impacting on me such as death of a family member. I suppose this is just to vent as i dont really have anyone to talk to. Sorry if this seems like rambling, there’s just so much in my head at the moment.

Oh my, so much all at once.
I’m so sorry I have no advice but I hear you, I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with problems.
It all just seems too much & it’s b****y hard.
I hope someone can help more than me, in the meantime, take care of yourself

PS. I’m still struggling with the death of my mother, 1 year anniversary coming up, so I understand how it impacts everything else

I certainly know where you are at with a partner with Psychosis. My wife was convinced I was recording her, filming her and people talking about her. This had started months before her mental health issues and suicide attempt had occurred but assumed at the time to be the meds. She tried suicide and failed and suddenly the psychosis had me as an agent of the state, the enemy etc etc. It took a lot of negotiating with MH Team to get her sectioned. You have to be prepared to be the villain, the hated one, the target of their venom because it is coming your way.

Hope you have found some help… if not or even if you feel just like reaching out to others in the same situation as you … try our group on Facebook