Trying to adjust

Got married last year and my husband had another stroke in August which is number five and by far the worst. Feel like there is a huge black cloud over me the whole time. Finding it really hard as I am only 52. Not sure what the future holds

That’s grim indeed to be so prone to strokes. What is the underlying medical problem causing it, do you think?

How well does he recover from them, and I do hope, of course, you are in contact with the specialist support organisations for stroke patients?

Sadly, there are a good few forum members who are also looking after stroke patients.

Hello Lynne
Sorry you feel under cloud. Have you tried having some counselling to help you? If you Google CBT and your area you can self refer without having to involve the GP and there are online and phone options too.
There’s always Samaritans too.
It’s so often the case that everyone worries and supports the caree but there’s nothing for the carer, so we have to be really strong and make sure we look after ourselves which can be really difficult in such a worrying situation.


Are you getting any support at all? Practical or emotional?

When I get down I talk to anybody who will listen.
I. find it helps. It can be neighbors or anybody who answers the phone.
Take care.