Is there anyone out there?

Hi Everyone,

My name is LynnF and I’ve been caring for my husband for the last 18 months. He had a large stroke which has resulted in left side weakness. I get depressed sometimes, even though we have support from family and friends. I’m not sure what I want to say really, other than I sympathise with anyone in a similar postion.

Hi again, I’m not sure how to reply to everyone’s lovely welcome so I’m adding to my original post. Thank you all.


Hi @LynnF Welcome to the Forum

I’m also caring for my husband whose stroke was at New Year 2022. It was ‘fairly mild’ but he suffered weakness in his right side (left handed - phew!). We had to shut down our business suddenly as a result so have been badly hit by that. He is 67 and I am 62.

The stroke seems to have triggered a cascade of other medical issues, cardiac, respiratory, prostate cancer, optical problems, postural hypertension. All of these mans we’ve spent far more time than we should on hospital visits and several in-patient trips!

We’ve lost most of our ‘friends’ as we can no longer socialise easily (we were never major party animals though) but are lucky that my nephew and his wife have been the most supportive of any in the family. Also lucky to have some good neighbours.

This is a place where you can sound off, ask questions and get support - all anonymously and you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

If you check out the thread “Roll Call” (a new thread is set up each month as it gets rather long) that’s where we meet up for what is described as ‘a chat over the garden fence’. We tend to have chats ranging from serious stuff to silliness (some of us can be sillier than others!!) but its a great place to let off steam too. If you get a few minutes have a nosey around it and you’ll see what I mean.

Hope to see you posting some more - and remember YOU are in control on here. Don’t have to post of join in with anything unless you are happy to do so. If you do have questions you’ll find others who have ‘been there done that’ for almost every situation.

Happy reading and hope to see you post soon

Best wishes


Welcome to the forum LynnF
I too have an idea of how you must be feeling as my lovely late husband suffered mini then a major stroke. Other health issues too.
You can say as much as you wish to on the forum. Vent if you need.When you feel ready.I did, many times!
Have you been in touch with the stroke association?


Hello and welcome to the Forum Lynn F.

It is a safe place to chat and vent when you need to. We will understand. You are certainly not alone.

I care for my 84 year old medically non compliant husband. I did become very depressed especially during the lockdowns when my social life disappeared. But I have clawed back, and started to try and get some social life for me.


Welcome to the forum. We are all current or former carers here, we know what it’s like.
What help has been arranged for you by Health or Social Services?
Are you and your husband getting all the benefits you are entitled to?
Has anyone told you that if your husband is claiming PIP or Attendance Allowance, he may be entitled to exemption from council tax as his stroke may be counted as a “severe mental impairment”.
Most important of all, do you get any regular guaranteed time off?


Me time is very important.

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Hi LynnF,

welcome to the forum. I hope you find it helpful and supportive.


Welcome, you’ll find the forum a great help. Everyone has been very supportive and helped me a lot over the last few months.


Hi LynnF - and a warm welcome :slight_smile:
As carers or former carers we all understand and experience - the loneliness, depression, not knowing what even the next day holds, the tiredness, the overwhelming - over responsibilities , the lack of freedom …and the love , which sometimes can be pushed to its limits.
All is ok.
Sending comfort to you and all carers this evening :slight_smile:


Hi LynnF
May you and your husband be as safe and at ease as possible.
I work full time and worry full time about my daughter wiry severe mental health problems.
My husband is her main carer but that leaves me earning all the money.
Caring can at times weigh heavy.
Welcome to you


@LynnF , would you like to respond here to our welcome messages?
Maybe tell us the two or three things that are worrying you most, or you would like help with?