Transition of Care within the family

Hi - I’m new to the forum. I’m no longer a carer. I’m interested in sharing my carer experience where the responsibilities for caring at home for a family member are ‘passed’ to another member of the family perhaps after many decades of a family member having the primary carer role.

The particular scenario: I had a younger brother who, when he was aged six, suffered catastrophic disabilities following a routine operation that went wrong. He was left blind, with no movement, and without the ability to talk. We’re talking about the 1950s. He was discharged from hospital and his parents looked after him at home. As a until he died aged 47. By that time his parents themselves were in need of support having reached their 70s.

The issues I’d like to explore and perhaps offer advice to similar situations are:

  1. How issues in a transition of carer responsibilities.
  2. How families prepare for a change of primary carer role
  3. The impact on the current primary carer