Transfer parent on child dla claim

Ive just recently separated from my partner of 16 years, we have a severly disabled son and he gets high rate care and low rate mobility dla, but its paid to my partner for him, can i just transfer the claim from being paid to my ex to being paid to myself? Or will i need to reapply for dla for my son?
Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

Hi Christie … seasons greetings … welcome to the canteen.

DLA paid to a child … I presume under 16 ?

DLA to be replaced by PIP when he reaches 16.

Power of Attorney / Guardianship arrangement in place ?

Bank account … I presume some form of trustee type designation ?

In isolation , difficult to provide an answer without knowing the full range of benefits currently being claimed … possibility of an adverse effect if you are working and / or claiming carers allowance … or if Universal Credit has kicked in your manor.

UC post code checker :

My recommendation would be to bounce your enquiry off the Carers UK Advice Team … contact details within the following link … best by email :

In the interim , try crunching some numbers through an online benefits calculator.

To ensure that all benefits / allowances are currently being claimed … and … ideal for a " What if " scenarios as so described in your posting :

Let us know how matters progress … it may help others on the forum.

My son is 7 years old, im on child tax credits, income support, carers allowance, child benefits, i know im going to have to migrate over to universal credit but im worried that i will have to re apply for my sons dla as its not currently being paid to me for my son, its currently being paid to my ex partner who is no longer living with us, my sons condition hasnt changed, just a change in his carers.

Thanks Christie.

Yep … Carers UK Advice Team recommended.

UC ?

One bullet dodged … for now.

I have been searching through the online SCOPE forum … Parents and Children … for a similar question ( More common over there ) … without success so far.

Children, parents, and families — Scope | Disability forum

If I find one that matches , i will post the link.

In the interim . that benefits calculator is calling … sort of ?

Others will be along to extend their welcomes … and probably enquire as to your son’s condition … help maybe available there.

Your son still qualifies, you need to transfer responsibility from one to another parent. Write and explain that you now care for the child.