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now with the goverment has opened lockdown to so many people , why have they started track and trace now i would have thought it would have made more sense to do this in lockdown . from what i have seen this morning that if you dont have a test you can be fined but cronavirus has a lot of symptoms .

Doctors slam track and trace system as ‘national disgrace’ that could lead to second wave
EXCLUSIVE Experts have identified 17 ­possible symptoms but only those with one out of three are to be tested, which chief medical officer Chris Whitty says covers “95 per cent” of cases - Other medics have rubbished his claim ­saying many could have the virus without knowing and pass it on

Coronavirus LIVE updates: Track and Trace fails to reach a third of newly infected
Data released by the Department of Health show that just 5,407 of the 8,117 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in England were reached and asked to provide details of recent contacts
Several thousand people who tested positive for the coronavirus could not be reached by the NHS’s Track and Trace system.
A total of 31,794 contacts were identified, with 8,177 of the 26,985 told to self-isolate testing positive for the disease.
But a third of people identified were not reached and so could not provide their contact details.
The announcement came as pressure mounts on the government to drop the two-metre social distancing rule seen as a barrier to restaurants and schools reopening.

Am I getting extra grumpy.

I watch the briefings every night, while preparing the evening meal.

We have now been told, in various ways, just how wonderful everything is, how well this that and the other is working, etc. etc.


Britain has the worst rate in the world. Why?

I was dismayed at the beginning to hear of all the people dying in Italy, thought it could never happen here, but it has, far worse than Italy in fact.

The nursing home figures are truly awful, what part of nursing home and care home do they not understand?
These are people living in care because they are too old and frail to live at home for heaven sake!

They post out a test and count it as a test done, and to make up the figures it’s not the number of people they are counting, but tests, so probably divide the number of tests by at least two to get the people number?!

Football matches and ?Cheltenham races were allowed to go ahead after lockdown had been announced, not implemented. Why? It only needed one or two people infected amongst those close crowds to spread the virus far and wide.

There is one word to summarise all this - SHAMBLES - yet still the government uses terms like “world class”???


I’m the same I watch it as I prepare tea.

I’m so worried the rates are going to go up.

I am beyond frustrated and dismayed with our useless government.

i totally agree about the goverment who can we trust when so much has failed

Thousands refusing to self-isolate or can’t be reached under track and trace

Read more: Track and trace problems as thousands refuse to self isolate | Metro News

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I too watch the briefings, have done so since the start.
I am watching those curves of deaths, awaiting for them to start to rise again after recent
premature and too much unlocking. at once.
Boris is like Trump. Too late to lock, too quick to unlock. Thousands of lives lost.
I thought at the time we locked too, too late.

I wonder how many of those told to self-isolate actually are staying home?

I watched many of the government’s daily updates whilst in California and saw how the government was talking down to the public and conveniently not answering questions. I felt pretty annoyed. I’m staying at my home with my dog, hardly going out. When i do I shaĺl wear my mask and try to maintain a low profile.

Jeremy Vine did a really informative graphic on how badly our Government have handled this.

Cheltenham Races going ahead is the stand out along with Crufts. But the real jaw dropper for me was the Liverpool against Atletico Madrid game going ahead on the 11th March, when thousands of Spanish supporters were allowed into the Country just when Spain was reaching its peak.

Clueless isn’t a strong enough word.

I recall at the time that the Chief Scientific Officer, Vallance, said that in a big crowd
the virus doesn’t spread across a big outdoor crowd so it was OK to go ahead with the races etc.
He’s never been challenged on that statement he made by the press at the briefings.
We are supposed to have the best scientific brains in the world.

i saw that the goverment advisers are saying that upto 80% of people tested who did not have symptoms of covid 19 tested postive for the virus so how is track and trace going to work for those with no symptoms but have the virus