Tips for booking a tesco slot

As I’m in the vulnerable category, I’m shopping online. People have often said on the forum “I can’t get a slot” so I’d like to explain how I work the Tesco system.
Slots up to about 21st January are now available.
To reserve a slot, I just put one item in my “bag”. I like to do my order on a Thursday, so as soon as the very last Thursday becomes available, I pick my favourite slot, 2-3 pm.
I have to give my card details, and pay, in theory, an extra £5 as there’s only one thing in the basket.

However, they do NOT take the money at this point, but only when they’ve picked the order.
You can cancel your order at any time, for no charge, and add anything at any time, at no charge.

If you keep booking your favourite day and slot, you know you don’t need to worry about shopping at all.

I hope this helps, I can’t speak for any of the other supermarkets, as I only use Tesco, but expect the same general principles would apply to all of them.

I am able to do this with Sainsbury’s. In fact I had a few random items in the basket last week, then didn’t need anything as my grandson too me shopping, was able to change the date to next Tuesday. Nothing comes out of my account until have received the shopping. Any thing I don’t feel is up to scratch like bacon, I can just give back, and the money is refunded the next day or soon after.

This does not work with Morrison’s or Waitrose, both of which do not accept orders of less than £40. However this is not a problem. I book well in advance and pick out, from my favourites list, items which I think I may need. Nearer the delivery date I go through the “trolley” again and remove items I now find I do not need, and add others I do need. It usually still comes to more than £40. (If not, I top it up with non-perishable items that I do use.)

Great tip BB :smiley: