Time to give back

The information and help on this forum has kept me sane so far and helped me cope at times with a very dificult situation.
I’ve adapeted some things in the house to make things easier for my wife after she had a stroke six months ago.
Her right side has no feeling and her speech is virtually non-existant, Its a 24 hours a day job in itself looking after her and I can’t wait until bed time just to relax and recharge.

I’m in Lanarkshire and would be great to speak to others in the same area, just to swap ideas and experiences, just someone to talk to whos in the smae boat so to speak, I don’t get free time but caan arrange for family or friends to look after her to to for a coffee or chat.
Let me know if your in my area ans having similar problems.

Hi Peter,

Firstly, I’m not from Lanarkshire, though others on here might be, as members come from across the UK and beyond.

It might be worth contacting your local Carers Centre and attending some of their social events and meeting fellow carers that way. If you strike up a friendship with anyone then you could arrange to meet up independently https://lanarkshirecarers.org.uk