A newbie

Hi my name is Maria and I am 47. I look after my 48 year old husband full time. He suffered 2 strokes December 2019. We are adjusting to our new way of life slowly. We both were working full time and it’s different. I have joined to find people like myself to chat and get some hints on what to do.

Hi Maria,
Welcome to the forum. Are you getting any support with caring for your husband?

Hello Maria and welcome

You’ve come to the right place to meet other carers who understand your situation and can offer support. It can be tough adjusting to this new way of life.

We’re holding online weekly meet ups where we meet informally to chat and take a bit of a break and relax with each other. You’re very welcome to join if you’d like to, details here:


Also, you might want to look through our support pages and check you’re getting everything you’re entitled to and that you’re also looking after yourself as much as you can, it’s easy to forget how important that is!

Best wishes


Hi Marie,
welcome to the forum, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. You are both having to adapt to a very different lifestyle. How badly is your husband affected? Are you able to leave him for a few hours so that you can take time out from being a carer? Is your aim to go back to work?


Hi Maria, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. My husband had a big stroke 6 years ago and is wheelchair bound and can’t speak. I am now 54 so it happened to him pretty much when I was your age. I am his full time carer and at the beginning things were pretty tough and I got a lot of help but now I’ve moved house and it’s just the 2 of us. I avoid all negative people and surround myself with happy kind people and things are genuinely great! Life is different but still good. Message me if you ever feel like a chat🙂