Time off once no longer self funded?

Will I only be able to have 3 hours a week off once we are no longer paying for carers?

It costs almost 100 a day for a sitter so that is unlikely to be council funded …

Mother is immobile so no day care centre for her …

As for holidays. Haha

What do other people do?

What do other people do?

In my mother in law’s case we sold her flat, and she spent the entire proceeds on her care home for four years.

We were lucky though - we didn’t ‘need’ to inherit anything from her. Just as well.

NONE of us can ‘count’ on inheriting a bean any more. I have warned my own son about that.

£100 a day is the minimum a residential care home costs. If you’re lucky.

In the end, it takes an entire ‘other human being’ to keep a caree going. Brutal. Brutal. Brutal.

Mum should be eligible for respite care, arranged and funded by the LA.

Really BB how often? How long for? How exciting!


While your mum is self funding, she can go into “respite care” which she funds. My mum’s expensive care home kept a couple of beds for short stay patients, one man came to give his family a break for a week or two, loved it so much he didn’t want to go home, and immediately put his name down for a permanent place! These patients are at the top of the list, as the home already knows what they are like.

Once below the £23,000 limit, Social Services should part fund a similar placement, but in a home that accepts SSD funded patients, so there should be good care, just fewer “trimmings”.

BB I don’t think Jacqueline wants her mum preferring a care home to home, as it would mean the loss of the house to pay for it!!!


Jacqueline’s mum can still go into respite care at a home on a regular basis, if that is what she wants to do, and this would have the effect of reducing the savings below the magic £23,000 level.

Whilst mum is living mainly in her own home, regular respite is still an option.

No, I was simply referring to your tale of the chap who love respite so much he decided to move in permanently! :slight_smile:

Maybe a plan for Jacqueline’s 60th Birthday?

Hee hee. My 60th birthday plan!!!

I would love her to have respite care in a home, must book it for next summer as they are full full full atm. She is ok with this thankfully.