respite care

Hi everyone im really looking for some assistants and help me and my hubby look after my elderly grandad. 24/7

We are looking at respite care for him for the weekends

But have hit a snag and don’t know where to turn my grandad has more than the ammount you would qualify to get council help. For. respite care. But if we went private because he owns his own home and has left it to me and my hubby when he is no longer here. Then we would need to pay 20 percent of what the house is worth witch would not be possible does anyone know a way around it. Would be much apriciated thanks in advance

I’m not sure that you have understood the rules properly.
Does dad have over £23,000 in his bank account? Only then would he pay the full cost of respite care.
How old are you? This is a relevant question!
How old is dad, does he need a lot of care?
Is he claiming Attendance Allowance?

That’s enough questions for now!

I don’t claim to know all (or even very much) about how much of the House the council would want, but if I were to put my wife into council care they would want all of my wife’s savings that were over £23.5k and 50% of the house when it was eventually sold (presumably on my demise).

I don’t see that you would have to pay 20% of what the house is worth prior to it’s sale, (but I could be completely wrong).

You wouldn’t inherit anything of course until Grandad died, if he were to sell the house on going into full time care the council would have put a charge on the house to recover their dues.

Are you currently living in Granddad’s house? Do you still have your own property?

Ayjay, as you are, I believe, over 60, the house should be totally discounted.

I’ll be over 70 this time next week, I’ve obviously got more stuff to read, I was sure that they got 50% of the house one way or the other.

They get their cut if I decide to move, (or die presumably).


If your spouse, partner or other relative lives in a disregarded property,
they may decide to move somewhere smaller or more manageable. The
existing disregard only applies to your original property and once it is
sold, your share of the proceeds of sale can be taken into account as
capital in your financial assessment.

Write your will so that you leave your half to your children.