Time for change

Following heart failure a few weeks ago, it looks like things are giong to change after years of looking after my 91 year old mom. The focus on my health and well being of the past few weeks by absent (4 year) siblings is just bizarre, taken some getting used to.

I’m awaiting a heart scan and physio before planning about finding a smaller housing solution, claiming PIP and many other things. I wished there was a checklist somewhere :astonished:(

Would anyone be able to offer any insight or personal experience about such times and possible changes?


Hi Tea.

Purely on the financial side , what better time to crunch some numbers through an online benefits
calculator … a financial m.o.t. to go along with your own health m.o.t. :

" How much " Dosh " am I currently losing out on ? "

( Thinking of PIP ? )

A question to sharpen all readers’ minds ?

Downsizing … as an owner occupier or as a tenant … social / btl ?

Hi Tea,

Can I ask how old you are? I’m sorry to hear about your new diagnosis. Caring has taken it’s toll. Your age will affect some benefit entitlements.

Where is mum now?


Thanks Chris. I did check out entitlements, thank you.
Just waiting to see about my diagnosis after an echo gram on Tuesday before launching into benefits and things.

Your welcome , Tea … as would a mug thereof be … two sugars !

Thanks HB, appreciate the advice and enquiries.

Siblings have been here, but with baggage and conditions attached, leaving behind more confusion and selfish behaviour for us to decode after they’ve all gone home. I’m very aware of sibling sacrifice which has been mentioned on here before. I’m not sure I’d call on them again, instead choosing to look at sorting some more consistent care for mom and I’d get out and find my on way.

I’ve listed all the points people have raised and they form a plan for after my scan diagnosis. I might find that I’m not up to doing what I did in which case it’s care world for mom and possibly sheltered living for me, see hat happens.