Threats of violence

hi, im a 247/365 carer. my patient has threatened to kill me by knife or smotheration. i need to let someone know.

If you are a paid carer, firstly you’re on the wrong forum, we are all unpaid here: you need to tell the Police and your employer and your patients Social Worker.

If you are an unpaid carer, you need to tell your patient (caree) that this sort of threat is not acceptable. They either stop, or they find someone else to care for them. You could involve the Police, but perhaps in the circumstances you don’t want to: however, it might be just the right thing to do to bring home to your caree that it is not acceptable to make such threats.

Do they have a social worker…let them know immediately.

Ring the GP too.

If you are employed tell your employer

Tell your employer and let them sort it out.
They have a “duty of care” towards you and under no circumstances should put you in a situation where you feel your life is in danger!

I’d ring your employer and give them an hour to get something sorted and I’d ring the Police as well. I’d be out of there personally as you cant be too careful and they are telling you what they could do. Your life and your safety are the most important thing here.