Inappropriate behaviour

Hi I’m a carer (paid) in the community. Recently I’ve been caring for a gentleman among many others but his behaviour is getting really inappropriate.
Without going into too much detail lately he’s been asking me to do things and touch places (claiming a dr requested this for health reasons) when he is fully able to do so his self .
Obviously I’ve refused in the nicest of ways, I have reported this to my place of work and told them I would like to stop going to this gentleman.
My work have agreed what he’s trying to get me to do isnt right but as of yet they haven’t removed him from my care.
I know I’m a paid carer so my situation is different to you guys on here(full admiration BTW I do it as a small part of my day you guys are 24/7) but its worring me so much I can’t sleep at the thought of having to go there and im on the verge of leaving my job.
Just after a bit of advice really how to handle the situation, the gentleman in question is quite a big man and im only slight and 5ft2, so it worry me if he ever became aggressive ect.
Thanks for reading.
Trena x

Your employer needs to deal with this.

I think that might be an issue of health and safety.

You have reported this to your employer but they have taken no real action so far. It is time to step up your defence.

If you are a trades union member, report this to your representative.

If you need to make further visits to this man, phone you employer just before, to tell them you are about to visit. Make detailed notes, especially of any untoward behaviour. Leave the door unlocked and be prepared to walk out if things turn unpleasant. Phone again immediately after you leave, giving details of how the visit went. This should prompt your employer to take more notice.

Don’t leave your job just on account of one man’s bad behaviour. Do keep in touch with us.