Morning all,
Just wondering if anyone, specifically those going through chemo or similar heavy duty medication with danger of infection had any recommendations for a thermometer (measurement by ear) - I was looking at the Braun ones as sold by Boots, but flaked out due to the heat last week so didn’t make it out - so I’ll use that to get a second opinion…

Hi Paul … welcome … extremely quiet on the forum as I type.

Plenty of commercial sites advertising their wares … one not so providing some initial guidance :

Short of that , a case of casting out yer fishing line and hope to catch a salmon … as opposed to passing plastic debris ?

Sorry, I can’t comment on the ear ones. For DH I used a Braun Digital Stick thermometer under his arm. Obviously that gives a slightly different reading but we had time to get a baseline by doing it for several days before treatment started.

Thanks so far - bit of background : I’ve had a fair old helping of chemo in the past three years, and I must admit been naughty and not taken my temperature every day. Anyway, when I finally did get a bit of a temperature the other week I ended up in a bit of a pickle with the ‘NHS Approved’ oral thermometer I’ve had since I was diagnosed. Last few readings that afternoon were comfortably below the magic 37.5 and I was due in the chemosuite next day so all was fine - but they did advise I got a better thermometer, the ear kind, so here I am. I’m generally around 36.5 plus/minus a couple of points but when it mattered that stick thermometer didn’t cut the mustard (and rather annoyingly it beeps at the exact same frequency as my tinnitus)

Ear thermometers are great! An almost instant reading! Forget the days when you had to wait a minute, then wait a further minute to see if there had been any further change to reading. Cost a bit more but well worth it for the convenience.

Chris’s link is a good one for the precautions.

My friend goes through chemotherapy and often uses the ear thermometer. It is easier to use than other thermometers and it shows the result faster, you don’t have to wait for too long.

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