The Electronically Tagging The Elderly ?.


Has anyone else read the story in todays Mirror paper, the Science Minister Malcolm Wicks wants to us the same technology they use for criminals to ‘keep tabs on the frail and the elderly’ - he’s quoted as saying that it might stop families worrying about ‘what’s happening to an 80 or 90 year old with Alzheimers’

For gods sake these are people with an illness not a criminal, it’s not like taking the cat to be microchipped, what we need is better care not Big Brother tactics.

I’ve just read this out to Mum and she said if anyone tried to tag her she’d tell them exactly where to stick it


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My son has severe learning difficulties. He went missing one day, lost for nearly 2 hours. He’d gone to look round the new Lidl, a 3 mile round trip on a nice evening. Staff had said his support worker wouldn’t be going that night and he didn"'t want to be stuck indoors. It was a nightmare, afterwards social services gave him an Oysta phone, so he can always be contacted, and he can call for help.