The budget and unpaid Carers

Did I miss something? The budget had more money for the NHS but no mention of more funding for Social Care. There seems to be little or no plan to support Carers through the Corona pandemic. For my wife to renain at home we are supported by 8 Paid Carers
How am I to replace that support? If I get Corona virus by the time it becomes apparent I will probably have aliready passed it to Ros or vica versa.
Who is going to want to come in and help?

My thoughts exactly. There was nothing in the budget for us… what a surprise.

At present I dont have any paid help or other help for my two sons with disabilities …but if my partner and I get Corona…there is no one to look after them… even if there was no one would be allowed to come in anyway!

I feel carers are more at risk than the general population as we get less sleep and have more stress… so we are exhausted to begin with …

We need a heatwave this year to get rid of it… I assume that would help!

Historically, cold weather is more detrimental to the spread of common viruses such as flu or the common cold.

Of course…

Later on in year just less pressure on hospitals that’s why they are trying to delay …

Notice lots of holiday ads up now…glad I have not booked one!