Teen possibly has ADHD

Hi, not sure if this is posting in the right place but I’m just after some advice about ADHD.
My son is 13 and I’ve had concerns that he has some level of ADHD for some time now. Being at home for the last 3 months has cemented these concerns in my mind but I’m worried that, as it has never been picked up in school, people will think I’m over reacting?
I emailed the SENCo at his school at the start of lockdown with my concerns and she said she would see him when they went back to school but obviously that’s not until September now!
He is really really struggling, so emotional, angry, devastated, keeps falling out with friends etc. I didn’t want to tell him my thoughts about it until it was probable but now I’m thinking should I tell him I think he has it? That way he will begin to understand why he feels this way? Or is it a bad idea at this current time? He’s getting worse and worse and despite trying to keep a routine it’s just not happening!
Sorry for the long read but just really need some advice from someone who has experience with this!!
Thanks in advance

Heelo Jessica and welcome

Does your son have any of the following symptoms.



It’s a difficult one given his age if there should be a conversation or not. If you think it might help him to possibly understand his behaviours. On the overhand it may make the situation worse. There are other things that could be influencing his behaviours.

Try and keep a diary of the mood swings and behaviours that worry you. If he does have ADHD he will not necessary understand or comprehend the effects he behaviours have on other people.

Have you had a conversation with your G.P.

thanks so much for your reply. Yes he does have these symptoms - the second link in particular is scarily spot on!
I haven’t spoken to the GP yet no, I wasn’t sure if they would be able to do an assessment without information from teachers etc. But I will contact them on Monday.
There is just soooo much information online about it that it’s completely overwhelming and I just don’t know where to start!

Yes, there is a lot of information out there. And it will take you sometime to collate it all. But the better informed you are will help you son get the right access to the things that will help him.

I don’t think there is such a issue these days re: a diagnosis it’s about helping an individual to reach their potential. However, a diagnosis does help if you need to claim benefits for your son.

My son was incredibly hyperactive. A paediatrician suggested he might be allergic to artificial colourings, flavourings, and preservatives. I was so desperate, I thought I had nothing to lose, but not convinced. Within 2 weeks a child who seldom slept was sleeping 14 hours a night, and did so for 3 months while he caught up on all his sleep. He’s now 41, also has learning difficulties, but he can feel when he’s had something he shouldn’t because he says it “winds me up”. It’s a long shot, but keep a note of what he’s eating and drinking, especially avoid Coca Cola, coloured fizzy drinks, and too much chocolate.

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