SureSafe GO Plus family monitored device

Does anyone have personal experience of using this?

Nope - sorry. But looks as though it would have been great for Dad when he was still with us…

Thanks @Charlesh47 i’ve bitten the bullet and bought it
The sales person answered ALL my questions :wink:
In brief why I’m buying and what they said:

  • the 'service provider for our existing Alarm system, with pendant is changing
  • VERY unimpressed by previous ‘call out team’ when dad fell
  • new mobile devices can detect falls, gps track in home and outside, and with ‘family monitoring’ it can be used in Euro zone! because it’s like any other mobile service.
  • can have 24/7 monitoring (no eurozone roaming usage) permanent ordered sequence of response-calls - don’t need this now but will upgrade possibly later date. Easy to do, and pro-rata refund of previous ‘package’
  • looks like smart watch, SOS and talking with watch. ‘Check with wearer, then call to me’ is how we’ll use it (testing when I go on my few days away soon)
  • If Mum, then I can’t respond - the response team will call emergency service to the gps enabled location…
    (not applicable for us but I can see how this is useful for loved ones with dementia, as the app comes with a tracker)

I’ll report back…keeping the other system until we’ve tested things.
I hope this test can help inform others
Oh and there are different coloured straps so Mum chose the one she likes the most :wink:

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In case anyone is interested

  • ordered the suresafe go before 1pm Thursday and it arrived via royal mail Friday morning
  • the special sim was already installed in and the battery was already charged at 70%
  • Watch-like quite chunky with neoprene adjustable strap
  • USB charger with plug, that connects magnetically with back of the watch
  • super easy QR code register BUT requires 100% charge to complete the settings…doesn’t take long to charge
  • set up super easy using the number and password which is very obvious and supplied
  • Set up for only me as the contact - we will upgrade to the 24/7 monitoring at some point which means if I don’t answer, it’ll kick to the monitoring team to call out an ambulance
  • 1 button (slightly raised up and rubber) push and tells the time and amount of battery left
  • the button above is the SOS, held for a long 3 seconds it dials to the number I gave - me…and keeps dialing until I pick up
  • the side buttons : top cancels the SOS
  • bottom side button = power off

Mum says jovially that I’ve now tagged her…but now she’s cottoned on that she can ‘buzz me’ when her appointment is done or if I’m not near :wink:
there is a ‘geo fence’ you draw on the map how large or small the area is and if the person goes outside it there’s an alert.

For this reason, I don’t think it’s for everyone. Mum and I have aligned on how and when we’ll use it in specific instances. This is us ‘preparing’ - she’s been a little less stable and one of my BIG post-trauma things is falls - given what happened a few times with Dad
there are different types. The watch can be put on or taken off easily.

Since I’m with her 24/7 there’s limited need FYI the ‘geo fence’ alert shows the house but not rooms - Mum was wondering if I’d see her going to the loo :rofl:

This has a Falls alert system
There’s also a medication alert system - I put in the time for Mum’s pills and there was the voice ‘you need to take your medication’ VERY handy!

Overall very pleased, for our setup works.
I could hear her really well when we tested it calling me
The app on my phone - I can see location, alerts of when I was call-alerted, battery capacity left
£169.95 the SIM £84/year

The 24/7 monitoring with team - sequenced order of calls if first doesn’t respond then they call ambulance £21.99/month - upgrade free, and refund pro rata sim charge