Support Needs Assessment Example


Does anyone have examples of support needs assessment documents with it filled in what LA are looking for. I recently found out it’s a points based assessment not a needs assessment its supposed to be!

Seems to me along the lines of personal independence payment who want to see the need, the frequency of need out of 7 days, the duration of the need, risk involved if no support was given etc.

Also, looking for examples of support plans for your own records.

Hi P.

Borrowed this one from the Internet … Eastbourne Council … is this an example of what you are refering to ?

In .pdf format :

As for support plans … no sample documents revealed but … the following link may be of assistance here :
The Care and Support Plan

( As Brucie once said … " Points win prizes ! " That analogy of a tv game show not so far removed from actual reality ?
Trouble is … the post code lottery … a winner in Wimbledon , a loser in Worksop ? )

Just shout if you want me to dig a little deeper.

You aren’t in Hampshire by any chance, like me??
They use a support needs analysis system, took me ages to get to the bottom of it.
No one admitted to knowing where it came from and there were no proper written rules, just a Powerpoint presentation.
Finally, despite everyone denying all knowledge, it turned out it was devised by……………HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL!!!

I know that it has been used by other councils.
I think I’m the only one involved with M’s case who has read and understands the rules!!


They use a support needs analysis system

Yep … I’ve come across that one in my travels.

Just shout and I’ll post a link to the full sp on it.

Good info but I need a template of a successful application to work off of.

There asking the following:-

Background information (history, current circumstances, hobbies and interests)
Meeting Personal Care Needs
Social Relationships and Community Activities
Employability and Volunteering
Personal Development
Are you a carer? Needs
Running and Maintaining a Household
Staying Safe
Risk to others
Available Social Support
Family carer and internal support

In which case , your only hope is for a reader , having been successful , retaining a copy of their application.

If any variation between LAs , a copy from someone on the same manor ?

Given current traffic on the forum , could be a rather long wait ?

For outside bets … CAB and / or AGE UK ?

For a price , there are several vultures out there offering a " Successful application " … an Internet search will reveal.

I’ve got a pip successful application and there’s a few online which I will use as a guide.

Good luck … I trust we did have our uses ?