Support Plans

Am i right in saying that a support plan needs to be agreed before a budget or budget estimation should be given to give the user an idea on how much money they have and rules what they can spend it on?

I believe the Needs Assessment should be completed, the cost of meeting the need calculated, to give an indicative budget and then DISCUSSION should take place before final plans agreed. See he 2014 Care Act Regulations. I’m still battling to get the Needs Assessment correct, 6 years as counting!!!

Yes, calculated it should but they have paid us without a support plan in place maybe its a temporary amount until we decide, but it seems unusual? Would someone a company give you a budget before having a business plan agreed? Or give you the money upfront and then yous decide what yous want to do seems what they have done?

6 years to make amends to the needs assessment? Ridiciolous.


It’s not unusual to not have a support plan.

I think it cuts work out to not do one.

Obviously they should be done.

But we have a needs assessment and direct payment money but no physical support plan

I cant complain though… Local Authority been surprisingly good at this end.

Really, i rather not have one however do they query what you have spent your money on? Also, do they give you 3 warnings before suspending your payments?

I read about a disabled person who couldn’t drive to places used his DP for taxis for 6 years on year 7 of the review they told him its not allowed to stop using taxis.

I have only ever used direct payment money on things that have been agreed.

Well, how are we supposed to know what was agreed on when a support plan is not in place.

I dont think they really check anyway just like benefits they dont check what you spend it on my aunt said they dont do check she has been getting it for over 10 years.

I guess they would query it before suspending you or give a warning before stopping them rather than just stopping them altogether.