Support for altered reality

My brother (for over a year) and now me (on and off for a while) have been shunned by our mum who is convinced we are cyber criminals overlooking her daily life. I am not welcome now at her home and don’t know how to go on. I move from distressed to hard hearted and I live 240 miles away and my brother is in France. How can I make inroads? How can I show I care when she is very independent and proves it in her daily care. Yet she is convinced I’m up to no good?

Hi Pam,

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Would your Mum be less suspicious if you talked to her via a landline phone?


Hi @Pam_2109
That sound very difficult for you, especially as you live considerable distance away.

Do you know what is causing this belief your Mother has? Has she been diagnosed with any specific mental health condition do you know?

There are many things which could cause someone to have delusions, it could be something as simple as a UTI which can be treated with antibiotics, or something more significant.

Do you know the GP practice your Mother is registered with? Of course with patient confidentiality they aren’t bound to give you any medical details, but you could flag up a concern with them about your Mother’s mental state; likewise with her local authority as a potential safeguarding issue if you are worried about her safety.

I hope you can sort something out, for her obviously, but also for your own peace of mind.