Success dealing with morning dizzy spells!

Just thought I’d share this small victory - I look after my Grandad who’s 91 and for the last 18 months he’s been really struggling to get out of bed in a morning, he has terrible dizzy spells first thing which lead to frequent falls. He’s had various tests, tablets for vertigo and nothing worked.
We had a visit from a new Occ Health physio and she suggested raising his pillows so he’s more upright at night, I was like yeah… surely that won’t work but we’ll have a go… :unamused: what do you know, 2 weeks in and a massive improvement in his morning dizzy spells! :astonished:
Now all I need to do is work out how to stop him fidgeting so much and chucking the pillows on the floor during the night :smiley:

You could try putting the pillows (one, some, or all) underneath the bottom sheet, or use a third sheet (round the wrong way) if there’s not enough left to tuck in. :smiling_imp:

Genius!! Thank you!! :smiley: