Study and Carers Allowance

I was looking for some advice regarding claiming Carers Allowance whilst studying as my recent claim has been disallowed.
I am at college for 13 hours a week, I have no independent study. I do not attend a placement. My course is classed as Full time as students under 19 have to attend Maths/English/Functional skills but as an adult this doesn’t apply to myself.
I have evidenced my hours and been disallowed. This seems so unfair as I could potentially work more hours legitimately.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Michelle … welcome to the canteen.

The abhorrent 21 Hour Rule claims yet another victim ?

Seems the only way forward would be the submission of a certified letter from the college confirming the precise number of hours you are required to study … if under the magic figure of 21 as so described.

In addition , the local branch of the NUS should , at least , have a representative on site who will be able to either assist directly , or put you in touch with the Area Carers Liaison Official … past dealings with the NUS suggest that this is their structure at local level.

Let us know how you get on … it will assist others in the future.

Thanks for your reply, College completed and stamped a form stating my exact hours already. Their issue surrounds the Full time box being ticked. I was advised over the phone on Friday to reapply and ask college to tick Part time.
My head is spinning trying to figure out what to do for the best.

A dilema facing many carers.

What’s best for me … studying … clashing with one’s caree’s own preference.

Assuming monies are not available to replace yourself as the carer , the choice becomes one of two options.

Not to detract from your position , low millions of other family / kinship carers have faced the same situation over the years.

The 21 HOUR RULE thread … only place on the Internet wherein said issue has been raised … a whole zoo of supporting organisations … including the NUS … have shown indifference over the years.

We … make that me … plough a lonely furlough on this forum.

Let’s face it, the college mucked up the form. Get them to do it properly, ideally with a written apology from THEM, and then resubmit the form. Don’t give up your course, studying is a real escape from caring and fills your head with good things. I did a part time degree when I was a carer.

Thanks for your reply, college haven’t messed up the form. The course really is classed as Full time! :confused: 13 whole full time hours. I don’t know what to do for the best now. I have started typing a Mandatory Reconsideration letter, if anyone could have a quick read and advise? Thanks in advance.

To Whom It May Concern,

RE: Claim for Carers Allowance; Disallowed.

I am writing to ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration, following a decision made to disallow my claim for Carers Allowance. This decision is wrong. You state that my course of study is Full time, yet I supplied evidence that proves categorically that my hours are well under the threshold of 21 hours per week.

Most colleges state that courses of 12 hours per week are Full Time. Mine is 13 per week, with zero independent learning and no placement. My course is classed as Full time, as students Under 19 years of age are expected to attend Maths/English and Functional Skills, probably so their parents can continue to receive benefits. As an adult none of these things apply to me. I do not receive college funding or a bursary of any kind.

I am angry at the injustice of this, and believe it is discrimination. In my last employment I worked 15 hours a week, at this time my claim for carers would have been allowed. I study for two hours less per week currently and I’m no longer entitled because of a generic description, on which I have zero control? People studying for twenty hours and fifty-nine minutes on a course described as part-time are entitled and therefore have less hours to care than I do. How is this a right and fair criteria?

You cannot penalise me for the way in which a college describes a course! (Probably surrounding issues with their pot of funds)
I study 13 hours per week. I have no independent learning, homework or placement. I study 13 hours per week, I consider this to be PART TIME!

Strongly recommend adding a little weight … certified letter from the college in support thereof.

Individuals are virtually powerless against the System despite , appearing , to hold a winning hand.

NUS backing as further confirmation ?

Yep, will speak to college tomorrow and ask them to type me a letter. They all seem very vague on Carers, as if any qustions that arise are unheard of… I’m sure I can’t be the only one :S

Sums up the academic world … and also our own supporting organisations … at times.

In CarerLand , only a fellow family / kinship carer can understand the trials and tribulations of having to deal with the world outside of our gulag …which we call … CarerLand.