Carers allowance and being a student

Hi, joined today to ask some advice.
Currently a fulltime student and a carer for my autistic son. Applied for carers and have been turned down due to the 21 hour rule, even though I’m only expected on campus for 14 hours a week and had confirmation from the uni of this.
I’ve read through the previous threads and can see that this is a huge issue.
my question is, is it worth asking for a mandatory reconsideration and possibly moving on to a tribunal or am I literally just going to get nowhere?
I have read through the decisions makers guide and looked up the case law that is mentioned in that and it doesn’t look promising at all.

I think once it’s stated full time course. That’s pretty much sort that one.

Mandatory reconsideration …

How do I challenge a Carer's Allowance decision? - Turn2us.

Personal choice take some advice.

You need to consider/demonstrate the total course hours. Proving you will then provided 35 hours of caring per week.

You won’t be able to get a Carer’s Allowance, if you have signed up for a full-time course. Our learningandwork > essay helper > explained the rules in the article: Carer’s Allowance & a full-time student.


What if my college has changed the course from part-time to full-time? I didn’t know this was coming… I’m in despair… Literally. Am I not eligible for Carer’s Allowance then?
Thank you.


Unfortunately not.


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