Stuck in a hell hole again

Hi all, I’m stuck in the usual problem with mum but who do I speak or go on to about the way she is treating me but will listen to me than just dismiss it?
The main problem is her mental health causing the issues, this has happened since she been in hospital and came home at short notice. What I am getting is nearly every day is expected to be making food for her all the time morning, lunch, tea, night time, if I have not,even if I have come in from being out. Doinga meal for her and mean like a roast dinner, then it bake beans on bread all the time or take aways. I am sick of the site of bake beans. Both me and dad have tried to curb her eating habits but it only ends in a shouting match. Today has been very hard for me as I have not had any let up of the abuse about the house but also about where I can put my underwear to be washed in the washing hamper, as she told me that I could not put them in the wash hamper but I have done. It is getting back to the point of my blood pressure going back up through the roof but even the person I am in regular contact at the carers center is being ignored by mental health team which is a pain as no one knows how they can help me. All I know is that I am being turned into a slave than being treated like a person.

Do you have any other help at all? Its not easy being a carer. I was a carer for my late Husband for 30 years & before that for my late Dad. So all is suggest you do is please take all the help you can get. Best wishes Amanda


Michael, she was clearly unfit for discharge. What is the GP doing to help? Can you keep a diary or record mum on your phone?

Hugs. You are in my prayers