Hi, newbie here, caring for partner with Bi-polar

Hello all - my partner is Bi-Polar and does not medicate as usually he manages his condition very well, with support from me. This current crisis however is really affecting him, and in turn me. His moods are constantly changing but all are negative and swing from paranoia to trying to goad me into an argument. He is talking in his sleep and sleepwalking every night. Its so challenging to cope with when neither of us can get away from each other! If I go for a walk he wants to come with me, if I join an online quiz he gets annoyed but won’t join in. There are so many options for entertainment during this lockdown period but he just won’t do anything and resents it when I do. He even swears at himself when he is playing his guitar now. And at the end of the day he wants to get frisky and believe me the days events do not make me feel in the slightest bit frisky!
We are both working from home which is also stressful as his swearing is off the chart and constant at what he calls the ‘idiots’ he works with. An additional problem is that I am a social worker with vulnerable adults so my caseload now pretty much includes him so I feel I’m at work even when I’m supposed to be on downtime. I am remaining as calm as I can (although that annoys him too), but really I just want to sit and cry. I can’t talk to friends about this as he can hear (we live in a small flat) and can’t type anything to anyone out of office hours as he wants to know what’s going on. He has always refused to take meds regularly but will in emergencies if things get too much but he just doesn’t see that he needs meds at the moment.
How on earth do I cope with this - any hints, tips etc.,?

As you are a social worker, start by being open and honest with your line manager, don’t bury it in the sand any longer.

Hi thank you , yes i’m a social worker and my Manager is aware and very supportive

Hiya Bev, I think reality has to be faced here. He has to take his meds because you are having to cope with his ‘behaviour’ through B.P. and especially during this lockdown, it’s making your life a misery. To be fair, I wouldn’t care if he wants to take his meds or not…he’s going to have to.