Stress and general wellbeing

Hi there.
Ok, so I’m new to this site, and was told about it through the Samaritans.
In a nutshell, I am a carer for my partner of 5 years, and after the first six moths of us meeting, he became severely sight impaired, and is now registered as blind. Almost three years ago, he was told he had cancer, and is now in remission. Since all of this, he now has severe depression, and since last November, he has been drinking almost a litre of vodka a day, and just recently, I came home from shopping, and found him unconscious on the floor. I called an ambulance, and it was only when the paramedics arrived, I discovered he had been drinking secretly. I blamed his odd behavior on all of the meds he is on. I now know differently, and he was admitted to hospital for a couple of days, where they discovered he now has Neuropathy, hence him collapsing. The drink didn’t help either…
With everything that has “gone on”, it has put one hell of a strain on our relationship. I have become angry, upset, tired, an emotional wreck, basically at my wits end with him, and generally I am worn out with it all.
I need a break! but don’t know what to do. Lockdown has ensured that any family help is impossible right now, and if I don’t do something soon, then I will lose the plot altogether.
Has anyone else endured this level of stress through caring?, and if so, how did you get through it??
Hoping someone out there has an answer of sorts, that I can work with.
Many thanks. Dave… :-???

Hi Dave & welcome

Has anyone else endured this level of stress through caring?

I am sure there are many here. That are and have experienced this level of stress. Because we care and love the people we look after. We have a tendency to keep calm and try to carryon.

Positively, I see you have seek help for yourself through using Samaritans. Any addiction can cause individuals to become secretive so to avoid being judged and wanting to discuss their issues. Their nearest and dearest are not always the right people to always provide help. What help does your partner receive.

How you are feeling is totally understandable to normal. Unfortunately, your partner is an adult and can do what ever he wants too. However, it’s really up to you how much do you want to endure. And how do you retain your sanity.

Can I can your ages and if your partner. As had a needs assessment and your a carers assessment.