Struggling to cope with it all

hi, so over the past few weeks my partner has been really stressed and last week stopped eating, stopped sleeping (went 5 days without sleep) and was acting strange. I won’t go into too much detail but after a small breakdown from me I got him to speak with 111 who said to go to a&e. He was eventually seen by the Mental health crisis team who wanted him to stay in hospital for assessment and treatment. They believe he is going through stress related delusions (believes him and family are in danger from a hitman) he refused but agreed to community team. He saw them yesterday and they are getting him a priority appointment with doctor. I’m hoping he will engage with treatment or he’ll be sectioned.
I’m just struggling with it all,I’ve barely slept, am still working from home, have a 5 year old to look after and just lost my uncle to cancer which has brought back all the memories from when I lost my mum a few years ago. Why does everything happen at once? Its just so difficult for me to do anything. I’m on the verge of tears most of the day but trying to keep as much of it away from my 5 year old as possible.
Sorry, I’ve tried to keep this short so may not make total sense but don’t know where else to go

you both sound under enormous stress, have you seen the GP for yourself? You might need some time off yourself, so you are juggling yes and can catch up on some sleep/rest yourself and spend some quality time with your 5 year old.

You have done the right thing re your partner and getting him the help he needs, you can not do more, Hopefully he will engage with services but if he doesn’t and is sectioned he will also receive the help he needs - so its up to him.

Self care is important more than ever at this time, you need to look after your wellbeing so that you can support your partner and child. Try and eat well, get some exercise and plenty of rest. Have a look here for ideas to support your own mood