Strange belated contact from DWP

As some of you may remember my father passed away on 26th December 2017. I notified DWP within a week and also through the one stop service. I had all the closure and bereavement letters etc at the time and haven’t claimed for anything since, nor received any payments since he passed. I thought everything was tied up.
Today I have received a letter from DWP out of the blue sending their condolences quoting the correct date of death and telling me that they are sending me £501.60 for the period from 01/01/18 to 25/2/18 - a period after he had passed away.
Is this correct? Should I have been receiving carers allowance for another 2 months after his death?
Will they want the payment back?
Feels like I have won the lottery without buying a ticket. I’m sure there is a catch.


If you were receiving Carer’s Allowance when the person you cared for died, this will usually continue to be paid for eight weeks from the Sunday after their death.

If you were receiving a carer premium or addition as part of your Income Support or Pension Credit, this will also continue for eight weeks.

Worth 3 numbers … as opposed to the magic 6 ?

Brilliant - thanks Chris, sounds like I might be able to keep it. They must have been auditing or something to pick it up so late. Checked on my calendar and dates exactly match that. What a pleasant surprise.

“Worth 3 numbers … as opposed to the magic 6 ?” sorry not understanding that bit .

Your welcome.

Mmmm … who mentioned that magic word LOTTERY ?


Feels like I have won the lottery without buying a ticket.

I rest my case … your honour.

Ahhh, it’s been a long day- brain dead :laughing:

A condition that won’t stop the DWP sanctioning you … if needed ?

I was confused too Henrietta. I thought Chris meant you should have had over £99,999… now that would have bee nice, and you did deserve it, but pigs would have flown

My London wit again … takes the rest of the country hours … even days … to get some of the one liners ?