Spondilosis- what do you do to help yourself?

Hi to all Carers here

I fell just over 2 months ago and twisted my neck and my back. Almost immediately I got Sciatica like never before and I am still trying to calm it down with resting, moving and short walks but my back problem has come back with a vengeance. My Dr hasn’t even suggested an x ray let alone an MRI scan in case I have injured myself. This has left myself and my Husband very worried!

It took almost 2 months to convince my Dr to do an x ray of my neck and it was discovered that I had spondilosis. This pain radiates into my head and it’s so nasty!

Throughout the years I have managed my back with very little medication by resting and moving and doing Physio but this time the Sciatica has been dreadful.

Relexology works for me but it costs £45 an hour; money that I do not have!

The pain in my neck was so severe I almost blacked out/fainted and twice I ended up in A&E for almost 5 hours to have a young Dr telling me to take paracetamol 4 times a day and to look on google for physio!

When this pain is there, I feel overall unwell sometimes, I go hot and feel rather weak, light headed and faint. I don’t know if this is associated with spondilosis or panic due to the pain or both?

I’ve tried different combinations of medications for my neck for eg Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Asprin, alongside Zapain and Codeine but they offer very little relief and in turn knock me sick despite taking Famotidine for my stomach re Acid reflux. I also have stage 3 CKD.

Throughout life I have never been a tablet taker because I have found that medications don’t really help me for some reason?

My Son bought me a little heat pad that I heat in the microwave that I put around my neck and it does help a little. I can’t use this on my back because it like a little roll. Are there flat heat pads that I could buy for my back, any advice here?

If you have spondilosis I would appreciate any advice that you can give. There has to be something that I can do to ease the discomfort, even if it reduces the discomfort to a point where I can cope!

This has had a great impact on my Caring role and of course this has made my anxiety worse, feeling desperate to feel a little better at least!

Thanks for reading my post

Kind regards to you all

Large (12" X 24") heat pad from Amazon. £23.99. Argos have some at under £10, but they’re much smaller.

Have you seen a specialist?
So often back issues are misdiagnosed.
Mum had a condition called variously hyperostosis, DISH or Forestiers Disease. Took years for a proper diagnosis.

Thanks Ayjay

I found a large microwaveable (wheatybags) 40cm x 30cm that I can put in the microwave, it cost £19.99 and £5.45 postage. This site has a multitude of items that can help for conditions and pain relief.

Hi Bowlinbun

I injured my back 27 years ago and one Dr said it was in my head! I’d had an accident at work and this resulted in my back problem! I saw a specialist and he was all but useless! I have managed this problem for many years on my own after seeing a Physio and a Chiropractor both of whom gave some good advice.

My Dr is sending me to see a Physio?! How on earth can I allow a Physio to drag and pull me when I don’t even know what’s wrong! I could have injured myself and I still wouldn’t know!

It costs over £500 to have a lower back MRI privately! I have worked since I was 15 years old and this is how many people find themselves being treated!

I’ve also saved the taxpayer a fortune by becoming an unpaid Carer!

Thanks for your reply; it’s very much appreciated as always.

Kind regards