Paid for private MRI concerned about my mobility/caring role

Hi to all Carers here, I do hope that today is an easier one for all.

I fell on the 20th of May getting out of bed and have struggled with neck and back pain since due to twisting both.

I have seen at least 3 Dr’s at the hospital whom have made recommendations for treatment but my Dr continues to ignore this!

I eventually had an x ray after asking a trainee Dr to arrange an appointment for me. This xray revealed that I had spondilosis but I knew something was wrong!

After continuing to feel very unwell with back pain and due to the fact that I’d fallen, had left my Husband and I very worried. Despite requesting an MRI scan explaining that I had fallen the Dr phoned me at home and said he could not book an MRI scan it was out of his hands! I would have to have an assessment with a physio first! How on earth can a physio see what has happened inside one’s back! I have waited 3 months now to see a physio with another 6 weeks wait!

Two weeks ago my Husband and I paid privately for a back and hip scan due to our growing concerns.

Most of it is wear and tear but I do not have sciatica as one Dr diagnosed over the phone but I have a trapped nerve. We were relieved that I had not broken anything.

My Dr phoned and ask, " Who gave you this" they were his exact words! The name of the clinic was on the report alongside the professor whom had made notes to advise the Dr of further treatment!

This scan cost £890 a kings ransom for my Husband and I!

I have worked since I was 15 years old and done all the right things so to speak but when I need help it is not forth coming! This Dr knows that I am a Carer but he has no common sense and obviously does not realise how difficult my job is. He also does not recognise my anxiety about knowing what is wrong so that I can access the correct treatment in order to be well enough to continue in my caring role!

Hi Huegatort,

Sorry that you are still suffering, have had to pay out so much money and GP is so terrible. Such little foresight if they don’t look after us carers.

Keep us updated.

Sending cyber support.


This is appalling as am sure everyone will agree.
Even if it wasn’t a kings ransom to you( is to me too) it shouldn’t have come to you having to pay. It’s your right to be treated properly by the NHS.
Sending ((( hugs).

Problem is that GP’s aren’t able to refer for an MRI (as I found out a while back) - BUT a physiotherapist can (as can a hospital consultant) which is why Huegatort’s GP wanted to refer to physio first.

Hi Pet66 and Melly1

Thankyou so much for your kind words of support, they are a comfort to me. I have always said that no one cares for Carer’s and they don’t!

My Husband and I are aware that a Dr can’t book an MRI scan and yes, a physio can. However by the time I see the Physio it will be 5 months wait since my fall, a long time to be in pain and to worry what is wrong. More so, I am a Carer and save the tax payer a fortune so why aren’t Carers like myself prioritised knowing that other people solely rely on me/us. I have worked for over 33 years with very little help financially and in any other way. I have worked all of my life since the age of 15 like many here, with a mortgage to pay and children to be looked after!

My health problem is having a great impact at home; I am not well enough to look after me right now but more so I feel that I am not fully there for my Son who’s mental health is a never ending concern due to his suicide attempts, constant talk about suicide and all of his other problems after his stroke; he needs so much care and support. I am still listening as I do around the clock and doing my best to care as much as I can. Also this is not helping my Husband as he doesn’t cope so well with my Son and all of his problems either.

I recently saw the physio for women’s health and my prolapse and she was excellent in every way. She noted that I was walking against the wall and slowly and questioned this. She went a brought me a new walking stick with a new design made easier to handle and made clear that I have to use it every time I go out!

I am physically and mentally exhausted and feel more pressure to be well due to my caring role. I need time to get well but we can’t buy time can we!

Thanks Suzie for your reply, it’s very much appreciated.

Kind regards to all Carers at Carers uk

It is disgraceful.

My friend was in terrific pain back in late Spring and could not get a GP to offer anything other than a phone consultation for several weeks. She was told to take paracetamol and rest! Eventually she was seen and she asked whether she could have an MRI scan and was told this wouldn’t be appropriate. She and her husband then paid privately for an MRI and within a couple of days was told some dreadful news and she is now on palliative care.

Not sure about a GP being unable to refer you for an MRI. I had one 3 years ago and was referred by GP. I never saw a physio.

To the OP, I would say stick with it and maybe involve your MP.

Hi Penny

I am so very sorry to hear that your friends have had bad news; how very sad! I see your friend has been treated pretty much like I was!

My Husband and I were very worried as to what was causing my severe pain and this is why, we, like your friends paid for an MRI scan as we were out of our minds with concern.

Like yourself I am not 100% sure whether a Dr can order an MRI, however this may have changed due to Covid like most services!

(To the OP, I would say stick with it and maybe involve your MP.) Not sure what OP means Penny!

I have to tell you that this was the Dr who sent my Son to the Dentist (he sees Dentist every 6 months and has lovely teeth) when he was having a stroke!!! He was too late for treatment and was left with damage to his sight, hearing and balance. He had chronic severe mental health problems and is Autistic, you can only imagine how hard this has made his suffering. My family and I are grateful to God that he survived it!

Thanks for sharing Penny.

Kind regards to all the Carers here at Carers UK

How are things now? Did you get any real answers from the MRI?

Hi Bowlingbun

Happy New Year to you albeit a bit late. I hope that you and your family are safe and well.

Yes, it did alleviate some concerns. My hips don’t have any problems at all which is a relief.

My back/spine did show up some degeneration and that the pain down my left leg was due to my lower back. It is easing but it’s one of those things that take time.

I saw a young physio who read my scan reports. He said my pelvic report was very good for my age and my back report is what he would expect from a woman of my age and what he would expect from the majority of people my age.

He ask could I touch my toes and I said I couldn’t. He then accused me of never exercising my lower back and that is why I have the problem! He then said I am in the gym most night if you make an appointment!

I went home feeling rather deflated I can tell you. He doesn’t know me and didn’t ask what work I did!

Around tea time I am tired more so with my back aching/paining/discomfort. He doesn’t know that I am a Carer and have more than stretched my lower back throughout the years. The problem is I have not rested my back enough! At that point I lost all faith in him and did not go back!

I am moving and resting as an osteopath advised me to do years ago and that always helps. I have at least 2 short walks everyday too and always have done and I remain active as I have always been. I don’t respond well to medication, most upsetting my stomach even enteric coated tablets.

I just hope with time and patience my back settles to a point where I can at least cope a little better. Having pain and being a Carer doesn’t help at all as we all know here at Carers UK.

Thank you for asking bowlingbun; it’s most kind of you.

Kind regards to you.

I get so fed up with strangers who make assumptions about me.
I’ve had a really interesting life, despite being a multiple carer for many years,