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As it’s now 5 Jan 2021, may I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I am a Retired Construction Project Manager (age 64), now working (36 hours x 42 weeks per year) as a School Senior Science Technician to top up my existing works pension.

My wife, age 60, has multiple medical issues which effectively make me her carer - at present I am her only carer.

Soundwife (the nickname I will use for my wife in these forums) is 5’ 1" and weighs around 20 stone: she suffers from Biploar Disorder, Arthritis, DVT, Lymphodema, Plantar Fasciitis, Cellulitits, Diverticulitis, Hayfever, excema and is prone to catching any of the common bugs currenlty doing the rounds. Her medical conditions cause her a great deal of pain; frequently disrupting her sleep and making it difficult to get herself out of bed unaided.

We have purchased a riser recliner chair, a mobility walking frame (with wheels and a bag holder). In 2017 I refitted our bathroom to provide step free access into the shower. We have on loan, two perching stools, a frame and separate raised seat to assist in the WC and an attachement to our bed to help Soundwife to get out of bed in the mornings.

Most of the time I have coped effectively as her sole carer; recently due to Covid-19 Lockdown Soundwife’s mental health has become unstable and over the last few days I have found it almost impossible to cope on my own.
Today I contacted her mental health provider to request additional support; following which I was inspired to introduce myself on this forum.

One of the issues I am currently struggling with is my wife’s incessant chatter and her inability to listen (both due to her current Manic Biploar phase). Any suggestions on how to cope, and potential sources of support, would be greatly appreciated.

My goodness you have a lot of your plate.

I just done a quick google search and this popped up …

If you have bipolar disorder, however, a compulsive urge to talk might represent a symptom called pressured speech. This symptom occurs commonly in adults, adolescents, and children with bipolar disorder experiencing mania or hypomania.

Pressured Speech in Bipolar Disorder.

Are you in touch with …

Thank You. I will read the links.

In the meantime my GP recommended the following links - which I am also exploring.