I am 66 retired and was diagnosed with OCD wth intrusive thoughts. I have had CBT and I am still on medication and trying to control my conditon.

My wife suffers from bipolar and was diagnosed several years ago. She sees a Psychiatrist regularly and is on ever varying medication. She has had periods of depession and manic episodes but for the last few months has been very high. She is very active and very critical ov everything I do. She does many things but never finishes them and is forever buying small items on line and the house is in a chaotic state. Does anyone know of a bipolar carers group. I need support advice and to be honest friendship from someone who understands my situation.

Hi Mackem … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type … bit like the Stadium of Light at times ?

Bipolar UK … web site … complete with an online community … seems to fit the bill :

Are you a carer in need of extra support? | Bipolar UK

On the day to day caring side , anything will can help with ?

Benefits / housing / support services etc. etc. ?

Thanks for your help and I will try the site you mentioned.

I hope the Stadium of Light is not quiet tomorrow

Best wishes

Your welcome.

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Whose money is she spending, hers, or yours? Don’t turn a blind eye to this.