Son's benefits

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me regarding my problems. My son has mental health problems and his benefits are paid into my account. He has the capacity to say that he wants it that way. Should I be keeping his money in a separate account? We live together and do food shopping together etc. Social services are aware of our situation and have said it’s ok but I may have to get universal credits myself soon and I am concerned it may complicate matters again even though Mike is happy and more stable doing things this way.

Hi Janet

I think you may have to consider the payments will add to your overall capital. So you would need to be very clear where the payments are coming from. Your son’s NI should be on his payments even though they are in your account. It could get a bit complicated. You would be better getting a separate back account in your name. And get all your sons payments in to that account. You would still need to state you have that account in your name. But at least it would be all your sons NI details.

If you are going onto UC and your son lives with you. Then I suppose the capital would count as you both sharing that amount.

Maybe a call to Citizen Advice

I sure there is a way of sorting it. As there are many adult children living in their family home.

Is it complicated getting a second bank account? That would make life more straight forward I suppose. This present way suits Mike totally but it’s the thought of tipping the apple cart? Is that the saying? It works perfectly the way things are now. He has an horrific gambling habit that I have to monitor constantly. He would just spend everything given the opportunity. I just don’t want me signing in to upturn things for Mike.

Just open another bank account in your name purely for his benefits.


Yes, you should keep the money in a separate account. I am appointee for my son who has learning difficulties, he doesn’t have mental capacity. His DWP benefits all go into a separate account, the full title of Mrs. G.E. … in respect of M… In this way, that money would not be counted as one of my assets when I die.

Presumably you are you the DWP Appointee?
Or has he given you Power of Attorney?

This might help … What would happen if something happened to you.

Thanks for your advice. I’ve phoned a really nice lady helping me regarding housing and she’s looking into it for me next week. I remember signing forms at the beginning but I won’t to make sure everything is right for Mike. Cheers everyone :+1: